IRON PIGS BASEBALL (Weather Update) – May Au Pair Meeting

       Lehigh Valley Au Pairs:   Our May Au Pair Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, May 15, 2011 to watch the Iron Pigs Baseball Team (Triple A of Philadelphia Phillies).   Unfortunately, showers and thunderstorms seem to be in the forecast.

Baseball games are usually not cancelled until exactly at game time (in this case 1:35 p.m.) even if it is really raining.   When the rain stops — usually the teams try to start and play the game – and yes — sometimes cancel later in the game.   IF – for some very unusual reason – the game is cancelled in the morning – I will post again on this website – but that is not very likely to happen.

Tickets for any baseball game are NON-REFUNDABLE (no money back) UNLESS the game is OFFICIALLY CANCELLED .. again only happens at the very beginning or the game or sometime early in the game.  SAVE YOUR TICKETS — IF THE GAME IS CANCELLED — we can come back again on another day – a day with much better weather.  SAVE YOUR TICKETS!!!   SEE WHAT TO DO ON SUNDAY BELOW!

Here is procedure for Sunday:

*Please still plan to meet me (Helen) at the EAST GAGE (Main Gate) (front sidewalk) of Coca-Cola Stadium,  1050 IronPigs Way,  Allentown, Pa between 12:15 p.m. and 12:45 p.m.  (Here you will sign-in for the Au Pair Meeting, receive your ticket, and pay for your ticket ($6.00 — please have correct money!!!)

**You may then go into the ball park — we have “grass seating” — so you can either 1) bring a tarp or something waterproof and then a blanket and you can try to sit on the damp or wet grass — look for the grassy area at the far right end of the ball park or 2) there are many places around the ball park where you can stand to watch the game — and not be wet — a short (or stay the entire time) time.

***You may stay as long as you like or leave early as it will be hard to mingle or talk with the bad weather and Au Pairs going in different directions — Please see note below re meeting with LCC if necessary.

****If any Au Pair wishes to talk about an Au Pair issue or whatever — please tell me when you sign-in .. if the game is cancelled at the beginning or after the third inning — I will meet Au Pairs for ice cream at the Friendly’s Restaurant on Airport Road — just north of the Ball Park on the way to Route 22.  (Leaving the main road to the Coca-Cola Ballpark .. turn LEFT on Airport Road .. Friendly’s is on the right about 1 block from when you turned left.)But you need to tell me when you sign — in that you want to meet and we will make final arrangements for time, etc.


Saturday, 14 May 2011 1:48 PM


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